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ExlinkDCS (earlier Nautsilus OPC Explorer)

NAUTSILUS ExlinkDCS (earlier NAUTSILUS OPC Explorer) is a smart OPC diagnostic and communicating software tool.

NAUTSILUS ExlinkDCS v.1.4 consists of the following components:

  • OPC-OPC gateway
  • OPC-QNX-Linux gateway
  • OPC-HTTP gateway
  • Data Server
  • OPC Client

OPC-OPC gateway enables to transfer data from one OPC server to another. Number of simultaneously connected servers and links between items are unlimited.

-QNX-Linux gateway consists of two parts, one for MS Windows OS and second for the QNX or for the Linux OS. This gateway enables to transfer data into programs under QNX and Linux operating systems. -QNX-Linux gateway includes API and toolkit which enables to develop link between OPC items and control programs under QNX 4.x, QNX 6.x & Linux.

On the base of -QNX-Linux gateway OPC gateways for OPUS/Sitex/Phocus (QNX 4.x), Realflex (QNX 4.x) SCADA systems and ISaGRAF, ISaGRAF PRO targets (QNX 4.x, QNX 6.x, Linux) were developped.

-HTTP gateway allows you to view the current data through the Internet browser. The data are sent by using the TCP/IP protocol. Both directions (read/write) are supported.The OPC-HTTP gateway is an option for the ExlinkDCS. It is active when you see the "HTTP" menu item, and the ExlinkDCS folder contains the opcclhttp.dll file.

Data Server allows you to add to the ExlinkDCS optional variables of boolean, integer, or real types. Alike the OPC elements these variables could be liable with the gateway variables in QNX/Linux and could be viewed in Internet browser.

Nautsilus ExlinkDCS is an OPC Client tool that provides data monitoring, performance measurement, diagnostic, and interface validation for any OPC server. It is invaluable for anyone building or troubleshooting applications which use OPC data. Nautsilus ExlinkDCS simplifies the task to import live data originating from any OPC Servers into office applications such Microsoft Excel.

You can use ExlinkDCS as a diagnostic tool to investigate and report back on configured OPC servers.

In addition, you can use ExlinkDCS to view and run local OPC servers.
The system enables you to test the interfaces for the configured OPC servers. Link live data into spreadsheets and other applications capable of OLE Linking via a simple 'Copy & Paste' operation, linked data will update in the spreadsheet at a configurable rate. Reading arbitrary OPC items via Excel Visual Basic macros is simplified down to a single function call, allowing Excel to monitor any OPC accessible device in the most effective way. In some cases this can eleminate the need for other HMI software.

ExlinkDCS since ver. 1.02 supports  OPC Data Access 2.0.

ExlinkDCS since ver. 1.5 supports  OPC Historic Data Access 1.2.

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