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OPC-TCP Toolkit for QNX and Linux

OPC-TCP Toolkit for QNX and Linux

Ver 3.x

OPC-TCP Toolkit is a toolkit for fast development of a communication program providing link between MS Windows-based OPC-Server and a QNX/Linux-based application. This application receives data from controller and communicates with MS Windows-based OPC-Server.

As there are many Windows-based SCADA-systems and OPC Standard has wide recognition from SCADA-developers, all up-to-date controllers need OPC support.

The package was created to make OPC Server development fast and inexpensive. It consists of two main parts:
1) MS Windows-based (9x/NT4.0/2000/XP) OPC Server
2) QNX/Linux-based program connected through TCP/IP. It provide a user API for the OPC Server.

MS Windows-based OPC Server is based on the specifications OPC 2.0. It is delivered as an executable module.
QNX/Linux-based program is delivered as object files and a "changeme.c" file in source codes.

To make a full-featured OPC Server you must change a few functions. Now there is no need to make different OPC Servers for every of several different controllers. Since the version 1.1 OPC-TCP Toolkit may work with several controllers at the same time.

Http-Interface for OPC-TCP Toolkit for QNX and Linux

The http-Interface allows deliver OPC data from QNX or Linux systems to any plattform web browser.

The http-interface for OPC-TCP Toolkit is embedded in the MasterIOS program on the QNX/Linux site. User gains an offing to see the structure and current values of the whole MasterIOS data base through the web browser.

Demo and more detailed information could be downloaded here.


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